We were at constant war. Lying in wait, the next battle was near. The enemy finally shows himself, exiting the enemy barracks. The air grew thin, the soldiers panting, the pressure coursing through their bodies. The tension of it all striking to the very core of their bones. We clenched our weapons tightly.

“On your guard soldiers!” Our commander’s voice beckoned.

The enemy unleashes their first attack. A handheld device unknown to us. What in the world was he holding? That device, no… it couldn’t be.

               “It’s a bomb! Abort sir! Abort mission!”

Commander Dom refused to conform.

“Settle down soldier, where is your pride? Search for your misplaced bravery and return to the foot of war at once!”

Huddled together preparing for the next attack, timing was crucial. The operation was afoot. As another enemy exited the barracks, our best and brightest sibling soldiers, Kon and Kubs sprinted towards the enemy with absolutely no hesitation. They had been held captive at that very location for years and had only recently been liberated. As they ran and ran, step after step, memories of this dreadful place which had been thoughtfully suppressed sprung up again without warning. Seeping into their very core, like a landslide of latent hot flashes, they saw it all again. They saw the enemies surrounding them, yelling out chants of ridicule. They could see all the eyes on them, suffocating them at every blink.

“Show them how you dance,” they would say.
“Don’t be shy, just do it,” others would say.

These demeaning performances went on and on like a staged show until the enemy grew bored. This operation was the siblings’ retaliation. Today’s the day they take back their pride. Private Kubs continued his own choreographed dance, maneuvering around, dodging gracefully the many pot plant obstacles until flawlessly diving into a prized flowerbed. Private Kon followed. Success. We now had the enemies in a quarrel.

               “How could you let our boys dirty themselves like that, just look at them! God knows how long it’ll take to get rid of that smell in the wash!” The enemy cried out.

We eagerly awaited their next move. After receiving an earful from his partner, the disgraced enemy finally activates his device, no longer was he bluffing. In a matter of seconds, we were concealed in bunkers. And moments after, the very soil of the earth ripped from the ground as we rose up and peaked from our camouflage. The debris of mud expels from our faces, bits and pieces flinging in every direction. That’s when we could see it. An army. There was too many of them, it caused panic within the fray of soldiers.

               “It was a pleasure serving under you sir!”

“Are you all really giving up? Victory is just across this bunker… we merely have to go and take it! Our army may not be as big as theirs, their weapons may be more advanced than ours, but, our bravery… our resolve… they are no match! No match at all! We fight for our freedom! For our brothers! Now men, come with me and fight!” Dom yelled at the top of his lungs, refusing to resign to the enemy’s demands.

Roaring out war cries for the commander that unites them, we would not give up. Not while our commander is still breathing. Charging across Pike street’s unforgiving land, the thundering sound of several gumboots stomping and splashing about. The ground felt as cold as the weapons pressed against our skin as we laid them on our shoulders ready to fire. Lieutenant Shergs raced towards the enemy barracks, with the mightiest of all gumboots, he proceeded to stomp and splash about on their beloved gardens. The mud escaping from the Lieutenant’s boots flung onto the flower bed, wilting away the purple and saffron petals. The army of many were now in disarray, nothing could compare to the anger they bore for us.
Before we even had a chance to celebrate, the situation turned for the worst; our lieutenant was taken from us. Our intricate strategy was lost in the midst of our naive anger, thoughtlessly charging into the battlefield. Our hearts beating loudly, screaming nothing but, “LIEUTENANT SHERGS!”

But it was no use. He was dragged by the collar, like a misbehaved dog. We were infuriated at the sight of it, blinded with anger.

               “Sir! It’s a trap, sir! We must abort immediately and consider an alternative plan! We must regroup!” An assortment of screams and shouts followed.

“Negative, soldier. We carry on, if not for us, then for Lieutenant Shergs!”

Suddenly, all of our equipment from our bases had been infiltrated, and expelled to the dusty gravel. The enemy had revealed their trump card.

               “You’ve all gone far enough. Give it up kids. Or else your toys will belong in the trash for good. Don’t make me count to three. This is your final warning. One…”

The enemy coughed out as he exhaled a cloud of thick smoke into the air. The sound of clanking weapons meeting the ground grew louder and louder. The majority of our men submitted to the adversary’s demands.

               “… two… two and a half…” The enemy sneered.

Those that remained turned to their commander.

               “Orders sir!”

“Attack! Never surrender!” Dom cried out. A hazy blur had followed.


We were now shrouded in the dark winter night. We lost the battle, and our soldiers were scattered. Some were taken as prisoners, some were missing in action.

“Acknowledge. Commanding Officer, Dominic reporting. Do you copy?” He whispered.

               “Sir, yes sir! The two brothers, Private Kon and Kubs answered excitedly.

The three soldiers had only one objective embedded in their hearts. Secure the safety of Lieutenant Shergs. Bright lights shone across the area, we had been sighted.

“Run, now. We must complete this mission. There is no room for failure. Keep in mind Lieutenant wouldn’t hesitate to go even further lengths for any one of us.” Dom said.

The location of the enemy’s base was nearby, a battle was imminent and our plan had been laid out. Weapons in hand, the soldiers secured the premises. This was a covert operation, the soldiers scattered without emitting any sound. Dom was elaborately concealed behind the milky-coated front pillar of the base. The brothers, Kon and Kubs, circled the area to verify that there were no sign of enemies. The only sound in the brisk winter night was the infernal sound of snores coming from the enemies’ deep slumber.
Bursting into enemy lines, our commander raced towards the second floor. Kubs followed while Kon stayed behind on lookout. Room after room, door after door, the soldiers were dumbfounded, filled with unanswered questions. Where was the Lieutenant? Why does this house have so many doors? These thoughts attacked us like bullets to our chests. It was beginning to feel as though this whole mission was a lost cause.
Suddenly, a faint series of grunts reached our ears. One after the other, it became louder. It was the Lieutenant! It had to be! A secret compartment reveals itself from its hiding spot, and there, in the midst of the dusty attic, was our Lieutenant.
Our commanding officer began to approach him, treading carefully.

“Acknowledge. Do you know where you are? Do you know who I am? Report.”

               “Sir, yes sir! I am currently in custody of the enemy, this place is their main base of operations. I was captured for approximately seventy-two hours although through that, I have acquired valuable information on our ene-”

“Guaaaaahhh!” The deafening sound resonated across the entire enemy base.

               “That sounded like Private Kubs! He’s in danger!” Kon yelled frantically.

The soldiers hastily raced downstairs to find Kubs dumped on the timber floor, accompanied with two enemy combatants, arms crossed.

               “Kids, the garden was one thing, but this… sneaking into my own home, it’s the last straw!”

The enemy went on and on, we could do nothing but bow our heads like they expected us to and pretend to listen. Our lieutenant had a plan.
Stage one was successful. Distraction. A chain of screams followed, the second stage. Retrieval. The Lieutenant had single-handedly escaped the premises with the injured Private Kubs on his back. There was only the final stage left. Liberation. Sprinting away from the dim barracks, they relocated back to their base to prepare for the upcoming final battle.


Morning had arrived and the cold winds visited every part of Pike. The commanding officer stood up in the middle of devising their elaborate plan.

“Lieutenant Shergs, you mentioned earlier that you were able to acquire pertinent information on the enemy. Brief us immediately.” Dom ordered.

               “Sir, yes sir! During my captivity, I overheard conversations of utmost importance. Their battle strategies, their motives, their weaknesses, all of it became clear as day. Although they speak with a highly advanced tongue, I was still able to grasp bits and pieces. However, I was unable to comprehend this particular word they often used. Sir, what exactly is ‘having sex?’ At the time, I assumed it was some kind of deadly plan of some sort, to eliminate us perhaps?”

We were stumped on that word. A word we’ve heard many times before in conversations among the enemy, albeit in different forms. Let’s have sex. Can we have sex. We never have sex. What was always consistent, was that word. What could it possibly mean? It must have been some other ploy they had under their wrinkled sleeves. Their secret weapon.

“Men, this may be hard to hear,” Dom began, “but I bear the knowledge of the harsh truth.”

               “What is it, sir?” Kon asked.

“Sex… this action, this performance, is most definitely their secret weapon.”

               “My god… I knew it.” Kon clammed up in fear.

“Brace yourself soldiers. Their secret weapon known as ‘sex’, is what created… us.

               “It can’t be…” Kubs said in disbelief.

“It’s true soldier. And that is the reason why they try to confine us, control us. It’s for the purpose of creating a mindless army that will submit to their every demand.”

               “By god… it’s genius.” Shergs said.

“Men, you now know why we cannot let them get away with this. We will liberate ourselves from their tight grip. For good.”

A couple hours had passed, the soldiers grew hungry for battle. Lurking within the shadows, the mighty soldiers initiated their first phase of attack. They readied the rusty cannons and released the deafening blows of mass destruction, aiming directly at enemy territory. Deadly stink missiles in the shape of miniature green trees. Phase two of the operation was already in motion, the decoy. The enemy hurried outside to be greeted with a former prisoner of war.

               “I’m back!” The Lieutenant grinned.

The enemy leaps toward him. Shergs didn’t budge, his resolve didn’t falter. Not even a little. The operation was going just as planned. Camouflaged soldiers sprung out from all sides of the compass to greet their Lieutenant. It wasn’t going to end the same way as their last battle. The commanding officer swiftly advanced towards the enemy, and pointed to the gravel, where an obscure dirt hole lay.

“Surrender, this is your first and final warning.”

The parents, equipped with their undying anger, refused to conform to the soldiers’ petty demands. Until of course, their eyes had grasped the contents of the hole. A pile of prized possessions each member of the opposing army owned.
Jewellery. Toolboxes. Countless clothes. Cigars. Perfume bottles.
Anything the enemy held dear, it was there.

“Just… just, clean this up. Put it back where you got it okay? The enemy sighed.

“This isn’t a negotiation.” Dom answered.

“Kids… kids the fun’s ov-”

“We’re going to the park. And we’ll be home when we feel like it. Abolish the curfew laws right now, and your possessions will return to you unscathed.”

“Jesus Christ, yes… yes okay whatever, fine.”

Hypocrisy was their burden while revenge was our welcomed friend.
The operation was a great success, victory was ours, until the next battle.



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