The big blue behemoth was on its way. The giant ball of fire in the sky spat out spots of heat everywhere. The cloudless sky produced this gentle familiar breeze that made the hairs on my arms stand proudly. I lay here, belly on my board enjoying the quiet peace. The quiet piece so uniquely embedded here, and only here. This place has a tendency to do that. I could feel every single strand of water lining passing through my hair, my ravishing auburn hair that would make women melt. What’s this feeling? There’s a rumbling sound vibrating beneath my board. What’s this feeling in my hands, it’s shaking. Is it fear? Fear of not knowing what’s coming? No, wait. It’s thrills. It’s nostalgic joy. The waves. It’s coming. I can see it. A majestic white-blue wave shot out into the sky obliterating the quiet peace in an instant and replacing it with an absolute, natural beauty. The giant ball of fire in the sky was covered for a moment, a time-stopping moment that made the beach bystanders’ jaws drop in awe. Looking down, I could see it all, the sea urchins and the colourful corals. My arms begin to move of its own volition and falls into the clear waters. Traveling through the disturbed waters toward the blue behemoth, my body would give out a wild shock across the entire fibre of my body but it wasn’t fear, in fact, it was sheer excitement and with every second, made it more difficult to contain. It’s coming. Are you ready? Are you ready?




              “Sir, are you ready?” The nurse asked.

The nurse then proceeded to speak to a miniscule microphone that resembled a fuzzy little blue button on her right breast. “Test complete. Now awaiting approval.”

Here I lay, my body strapped and stabbed by several connectors designed to either keep me safe, alive or both. Where was the giant wave? Where was the sunshine? The gentle breeze? My full head of auburn hair? I grasp the top of my head in haste. Horrified, I look up at the nurse hoping she would have all the answers.

“Miss, where’s my hair?” I asked, but now that I hear it out loud, I can hear how senile I sound.

“I am truly sorry sir, I am afraid I cannot answer that. I have only been tasked with ensuring you are in a comfortable state, and at precisely the correct time, to assist when ready.” The nurse said.

“I… now know less than before, thank you miss.”

              “I apologise for any inconvenience, sir. Now, would you please let me know if you are ready?” The nurse asked once again.

“I’m ready. Thank you miss.” I replied in defeat.

              “Thank you for your confirmation. Enjoy.” The nurse then bobbed her head toward the microphone, “subject approved, good to go.” And with that, the nurse had left.


I waited and waited tirelessly, shackled to a glorified crib. A couple of eternities pass by, which in reality was probably only a matter of minutes but felt like a wave of eternities nonetheless. Suddenly, I could feel a slight discomfort in both my temples. I could feel it. It felt like a fuzzy… button. What was it? It sporadically moved from a slight discomfort to an electrical shock piercing into my skull. The rectangular white blinding light in the ceiling shone into my eyes as I began to lose consciousness, my vision fading to black.




The big blue behemoth was here. Where was I just now? I could feel the heat in the air. The soothing water enveloping the tips of my fingers beneath my board. I immediately came to, and threw my hands out of the water and onto my head. Hair. My beautiful, luscious auburn hair. Peering out into the distance, it baffled me that I had not noticed before. The big blue behemoth towering over. Without a moment to spare, I race towards the beast. Closer and closer, until I had infiltrated the core, the inside. An endlessly wonderful sight. The top of the crystal clear wave curved the entire sky, spiralling and alive, it was my duty to conquer it. Slowly and carefully, I lift myself up from the board and stand firm. Well, attempted to stand firm. Wobbly at first, almost falling into the deep blue at the second, but by the third? By God, I was doing it. I was standing on my board. I haven’t felt this alive in many years. Manoeuvring through the slippery surface, I began to surf. Higher, higher and higher I went until I made it toward the neck of the big blue behemoth. That moment just before the giant wave crashed into nothingness, I conquered the biggest wave in my life and it was incredible. And it was there, in that perfect moment that I saw her surfing as well as if we were back at our beach. Before I could let out a single word to call out to her, the big blue behemoth came crashing down.





              “Welcome back, sir.” The nurse said.

“I’m bald again aren’t I?” I asked.

              “That is not pertinent to this experiment, sir.” The nurse replied.

“It’s pertinent to me miss, if you would please be so kind to enlighten me.”

A man rocking a full grey and white beard entered the room. He was wearing a white coat with a blue square boxed logo around his breast pocket labeled, BLUE MANA.

              “I’ll take it from here, thank you Patricia.” The man smiled.

The nurse gave a weird bow whilst clutching her clipboard and left the room.

              “You must be one of our participants. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Dr. Rogers.”

“What’s BLUE MANA?” I asked.

              “Temporary loss of short term memory is a cost for this kind of experience so I understand why you may not remember, not to worry Pete.” Rogers replied.

“Pete… how do you know my name?” I asked, still in a daze.

              “Why, we’ve met before my friend. Allow me to fill in the gaps.”

Before Rogers could continue, the metal doors burst open. The nurse? No. She’s too polite to rudely burst through unannounced. Rogers peered at the intruder.

              “Ah, welcome! You’re here! Pleasure to see you again, Miss…?”

“Five large. And a six-pack of tropical flavoured pale ale as promised.” The woman retorted with her hand out.


A woman. A young woman. Dressed in skimpy shorts patterned with pineapple print, a fluoro pink singlet with a grand towel over her neck loosely worn like a scarf. And she was drenched, water dripping down on the floor. But that wasn’t the most alarming thing about this woman. Her hair. She had auburn hair.

Rogers opened the fridge, and retrieved a six pack of beer with an envelope in his other hand. With that, the woman had left the room, her temples still beaming with a blue light.

“I’m so very sorry for that interruption! Where were we…” Rogers chuckled.

“Who… who was she?”

              “I’m so very sorry for that interruption! Where were we… ah, BLUE MANA is a company that I had founded which reconnects past experiences…” Rogers went on.

“Okay… but who was that woman?”

              “Oh! That was a participant whom you’ve met before and had agreed upon prior to lead your wonderful experience. The BLUE MANA product is still a beta, so we required participants (her) and subjects (you) for these tests.” 

“Participants… subjects… what’s the difference?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Essentially, our product connects the active with the inactive. It is designed to give our subjects that surging and thrilling feeling of a past experience where it be their ancestral home on the other side of the world, their honeymoon or something as exhilarating as surfing. This product is necessary for those who have grown old and frail, no longer able to do the things they once loved… such as yourself, sadly.” Rogers answered.

“That… is a lot to take in.”

              “Please take all the time you need, my friend.” Rogers smiled.

“And how does it work then?” I asked.

Rogers hinted towards his right temple, and on it, a fuzzy looking blue button.

              “Technology is a remarkable thing, Pete. We use these tiny devices to connect your mind with the participant’s. You, the subject lie down and relax, while the participant, that young woman, goes out and fulfils the experience you desire the most and in it, the potential to unearth your most joyful and detached emotions.”

“That is remarkable. It’s quite amusing though, I had always been terrified to surf you know.” I said.

“I never would’ve guessed. Please continue.” Rogers listened intently.

“I was terrified of a lot of things. She pushed me, helped me to work up the courage. Thanks to her, I found two loves that I will hold onto even into the next life.”

              “That is without a doubt, a beautiful sentiment.”

“And thanks to you, after twenty five years, I was able to meet those two loves once more, even if it was only briefly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” I cried out.

              “You are most welcome.”

“Truly… truly, thank you.” I smiled.

Rogers walked over to the machine by my bedside.

“What… what are you doing, Doc?”

              “Relax, nothing too aggressive, that is… if you’re up for it.” Roger teased.


My temples began to light up.

              “What do you say, Pete? Would you like to conquer one more wave?”

The big blue behemoth was on its way.































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