Palawan Highlights: Part 1

1. Tree Climbing Hike

El Nido, Palawan

It’s called the Canopy Dream Catcher Walk. Advertised as a hike, yet it involves a hell of a lot of tree climbing, rocky bridge crossing and even rockier obstacles in different forms everywhere around the ground and walkway. It was so much fun, legit. You know it’s going to be a spicy hike when they make you wear a harness and a helmet. Props out to my mum, she hates doing things that’s out of her comfort zone. Right up there on the discomfort scale. This tree climbing hike really hits far away from home base comfort but she’s a trooper. Or maybe I baited her into doing it by giving her a captivating, slightly annoying rant, that we’re on a beach living that carefree life, and that we have to make the most of the experiences. Straight up baited. After the rocky obstacles, we climbed up higher and higher until we made it to the first boss. The main adversary was the long winding bridge that swayed with a light breeze sneeze. Below, our eyes were met with just… a vast amount of greenery and nothing else. We clamped… clamped? Clipped. We clipped our steel latches onto the above rope and braved the bridge one by one. It was as if this bridge had a mind of its own, and swayed as if its favourite banger of a tune came on the radio. We made it past, eventually. And shortly after that, we climbed higher and higher, now doused in a sweaty exterior layer. Gross. But look, the point is, we made it to the top. Some enjoyed the view, others like my dad discovered a new found love for the boomerang camera feature.

2. Superman Zip Line

El Nido, Palawan

Oh boy, how much fun is Zip Lining. The only thing better that Zip Lining would probably have to be double zip lining. And that’s exactly what we did! Tandem Zip Lining available at El Nido, Palawan. We partnered up and I went with my little brother, Edmond. They offered two options: sitting down or superman style. The only difference was that the Superman was an extra two hundred pesos and doing the stance boasted a faster paced experience. A measly two hundred pesos extra for bragging rights? I’ve never seen a deal go through faster than this, until of course I went on this zip line adventure. Edmond and I were double harnessed and equiped with a helmet that seemed sturdy enough. We make our way to the top where the workers were. It didn’t hit me until they told me to get into position. The superman position. So lie down belly flat onto the floor. My right leg now trembling, soon followed with my left. Awkwardly in this superhero stance, we’re ready to go. The two workers let us go (cries) and off we went. Man, we were going so quick. But to my surprise, I was only spooked from the take off. Afterwards, it was crazy fun. Edmond and I raced through, him beating me by an inch. He was doing some random flying butterfly swim stroke to gain speed. Below us was a large abundance of crystal clear water. Next thing I knew, approaching the end, I started to pick up speed while maintaining my superhero form. Lo and behold, I won the race. Older brother prevails in this round. Would definitely recommend to try this, just be warned like with any zip line, there’s a stopper. I don’t know what it’s called so for this purpose it’s called a stopper. Its purpose is to break your speed. Didn’t realise until impact it also whiplashes your neck, back and chest into submission. Ouch. But hell of a lot of fun.

3. Free Climbing

El Nido, Palawan

If you’re across some of my recent writing, particularly the Monologued series, you’ll know that I have a burning phobia for falling. Hate that stuff. Heights isn’t a problem, just the feeling of falling that really upsets my entirety. Shaken to the core. But during the El Nido island hopping experience, I embarked on two free climbing experiences that were completely out of my comfort zone. For one, it was free climbing. Meaning no harnesses, no protection, no nothing. Just the pure absence of safety, and an abundance of adrenaline. The first was this glacial looking rock cave with a ceiling of spiky rocks so high up the light blinded the very top. There was an area that was inviting the brave tourists to conquer it, so I did. With my older brother and my dad.

Ed: 1, Phobia: 0

The second was this large, isolated slab of rock plopped in the shallow Palawan waters. I attempted to climb it along with my older brother. The slab upon closer inspection was slightly separated into three slabs. There was a point where I was hanging between the two rock slabs trying my best to maintain my balance and make it to the next. One false move and I fall gruesomely into the watery abyss. He actual slab’s surface was filled with a sharp exterior. When I say sharp, I mean it. I’ve got the battle scar on my leg to prove it. In all honesty, it was harder to get down from this damn thing that it was actually getting up there. To make matters worse, on the careful climb down, we noticed various snake skin, shedded from well, snakes I guess. Imagine if this was a bloody snake hangout and us two idiots were just climbing away just for the ‘gram. But the point is, we made it.

Ed: 2, Phobia: 0

End of PH 1 of 5

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