What does Fiend Fridays mean to you?

Edmond’s Chapter // Sassy Nek-Nek Fiend’s Chapter

Alright, Fiend Fridays to me. This all started with Papa. You know, he would just invite friends and family, simply having parties. And that’s all we ever knew. Our house was just a place where people would gather for any special occasions. Didn’t particularly have to be a Friday, didn’t even need to be a special occasion. It’s just basically coming over to kind of like celebrate you know, or just catch up and kind of be in each other’s lives without having to really go out of your way to actually do it. It’s just simple. You don’t even have to spend that much money either. Everyone’s just there to see each other. It’s just good company, you know. And that’s with anyone, whether it’s us, or when Papa has friends or family over. Everyone’s just here having a good time. Sometimes with good food, or nice drinks.

But it’s more than a sesh in my opinion. It’s just the coming of people. Doesn’t matter what kind of day or week you had. You come here, you know you’re going to have a good time. That’s what Fiend Fridays is to me.

And how about now? How would you describe it now, from what it used to be, to what it’s become. Yes it became Fiend Fridays with our mates back then. What it is now though, it’s a brand. We’re pushing out a streetwear brand, trying to build and share the culture to the rest. What do you think of it now?

From what it’s become, I don’t really think it’s deviated from what it initially was. The culture is still there you know. You have that thing with the core members. The core fiends. That thing that you started, on your birthday last year. You made the first FF design and shared it with the core members [FF Original Black Hoodies aka The OG]. You even gave one to Mon and CJ this year you know, making them honorary fiends. That’s what it is now. You’ve got that thing, and now it’s kind of like, ‘hey everyone… if you like our design, you can get some.’ We want to share it with you.

But for us, starting from the original hoodies all the way through to the ones we just pushed out last month in June, the off-white grey hoodies [coming soon]. It’s just gonna keep growing. As you said, Every year, one new design in the Winter, and another new design in the Summer. Every year, we’re always going to be looking forward to the next designs. All of the fiends are always going to be asking, what’s the next design gonna be?

As you said, the way you create these designs… each one basically resonates any noteworthy events that happened in that particular year. Usually an inside joke, or sometimes a very outward theme. Each members’ design of any year has meaning to it. It’s personalised to the member. That’s the difference. You’re a fiend? Then your hoodie, your windbreaker, your jacket, whatever the design is, will have something on it that makes it unique to you. Generally, whoever happens to be wearing one, they typically had something to do with those designs. They had something to impact your creative thought to make the design.

So, what I feel like, what it’s become, to me it’s to be able to have a couple of jumpers that have a lot of memories to them. So you can look back years from now, and pick up any of these designs and know instantly that it’s packed with memories. Very specific memories that can open up to all the things that happened in that year. I feel like it’ll just be really nice looking back, you know. Like a legacy. What’s that thing that people do? They do like messages to themselves or something.

You mean like, letters to your future self?

Yeah, yeah exactly. But in your case, it’s done through hoodies. You can look back and wear them. You pick up the OG hoodie and it’s suddenly 2018 again you know. But yeah, you can do that with any of the designs and I think that’s really nice.

So yeah, that’s what Fiend Fridays means to me.

Pictured: Edmond at Your Shot Melbourne, September 2018

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