Going back to roots, now that things are actually happening and well on its way, I want to ask you:

What does Fiend Fridays mean to you?

Aljohn’s Chapter // Fatality Fiend’s Chapter

Fiend Fridays. It’s a safe space. Fiend Fridays is a safe space. Well, maybe not for Nathan. Because he gets roasted all the time. Yeah, he’s not safe. But nah, it’s kind of a different zone, you know. In daily life. We’re just here, we’re just chilling. It’s a different face. Like a day to look forward to. My Fridays would not be the same.

You’ve been coming to Fiend Fridays for a while now… since 2016. now to see how far it’s come, from just watching funny videos, drinking and talking shit all the way through to now where there’s a business starting now. All you fiends are apart of it, sharing in the culture, sharing in the ideas that come with it. What does it mean to you now, to see how far it’s come?

Fiend Fridays, to me. It’s a family. it’s a brotherhood. We sit, we chill, we talk shit, we roast Nathan. Standard. It’s a nice little group of friends. It’s about that. Chatting with them, enjoying your time with them.

Nah, that’s really good. A really good answer. It really helps me define the culture. I have my own perception of the culture of Fiend Fridays but it’s really good to get what the other fiends think. Like, the idea was to get a raw, unfiltered, unedited opinion from each of the fiends.

A raw opinion. Yeah, I really feel like I answered that.

No, you did, you did. I’m acknowledging that fact, that you have pretty much explained what your perspective is when you think of Fiend Fridays and the part it plays with you. I mean, you’re wearing one of the FF hoodies right now. By the way, nice hoodie man.

Thanks man. Well hey, look at this. You made this. It must be nice that it’s out there now. It exists.

Of course, it’s an incredible feeling. To walk outside, and see people wearing these FF hoodies. Something that used to exist on my computer, is now real, and is keeping a number of people out there looking cosy and badass.

You know, it’s pretty cool. I have a number of Fiend Friday clothing in my wardrobe. It’s really cool actually. We probably have the most. You have the most. Every single iteration of the FF design, you have it. Like, out of everyone. You have the originals. We have the originals.

The members’ hoodies. The Original Members.

We don’t have to worry about a rewards program, we already have this thing that we do, twice a year. It eventually becomes an honour in its own self, when you get a FF hoodie or windbreaker and it’s personalised to your liking. Specifically for you. And that’s really nice.

Quick question for you, when starting a business… when you’re creating a brand, what’s more important to you? The products, or building the culture?

Building the culture first and foremost.

You’re absolutely right. Of course it’s definitely important to have a great product, but think of it this way. We can have the greatest product ever, we can mark up any product up to $100, $200, whatever, and we’ll make heaps of cash right? But like, people buy from certain brands for a whole number of reasons; functionality, look of the product, the colour, but that’s all surface level. Underneath it all, people buy for how they perceive the brand. What exactly does the piece of clothing articulate for you? You go to Nike, and see a cosy looking jumper on the rack. What does that jumper have that appeals to you? You’re ultimately buying it for the reputation of Nike, the personality they’ve instilled into the culture of their brand which in turn, has resonated into each of its products. When you put that Nike jumper on, you think, activewear, style, long-standing reputation of a really cool brand from way back in the day.

So that’s what I am working towards to achieve for Fiend Fridays. Building and defining a culture. I want to build this personality, so people can come and be introduced to the FF brand and they’ll know, damn, this is a brand that gets up to some fun shit. Rather than having a brand that’s robotic, there’s human in it. When these people become part of the brand, they’ll understand the importance of it. In one succinct one liner on what FF will mean to this people? It’s simple.

You probably have a different name for it. But all Fiend Fridays is, is a group of mates who meet up every Friday, to catch up, talk shit, eat, drink and smoke and we do that consistently. And we just have a good time.

And how does any customer relate to this? Well, your squad, your group, probably has a different name for it. Ours is Fiend Fridays. What’s yours?

Yeah. I like that. I really like that. Fiend Fridays man. Fiend Fridays.

Aljohn a.k.a Fatality Fiend
Redwood Forest, East Warburton VIC – July 2019

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