Can I ask you something? This is something I was thinking about the other day. In terms of building the culture, I really think it’s important to show that the brand is human too. So when I asked myself what exactly Fiend Fridays is, I thought, who better to ask than the fiends themselves. So I’ll ask you Dom:

What does Fiend Fridays mean to you?

Dom’s Chapter // Dark Magician Fiend’s Chapter

Hmm, Fiend Fridays. Fiend Fridays to me is like my little sanctuary that I get to have, once a week. It’s something I always look forward to with the guys and just, you know, de-stressing from the week. Sharing that collective emotion you know, where it’s like, we’ve conquered five days, let’s celebrate for two. Well, celebrate for one really. Every Friday of the week.

And it’s crazy that it’s been so consistent don’t you think?

Yeah exactly, consistent. Fiend Fridays is consistent. Like, I look at it and I already know how my week is going to end. It’s going to end with a night of good vibes where I can just kick back and relax, ready for the weekend.

Yeah… there’s always something to look forward to.

It’s really comforting to have that as a constant.

You know, some people don’t believe we do Fiend Fridays every Friday. What do you think about that?

Well yeah, can’t really blame them. I mean, commitment is hard, especially at this age you know.

It’s like, we’ve established this thing. This thing that we do every Friday that it’s once a week that we all catch up.

Yeah I like that though. And I hope we continue to keep that going. But yeah, that’s pretty much what Fiend Fridays is to me.

Pictured: Dom aka Dark Magician Fiend preparing for a spicy game of Wii Tennis in Ed’s Pergola, 2019.

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