Now Daniel, you’ve heard a bunch of the other fiends’ responses to this. I’ll ask you:

What does Fiend Fridays mean to you?

Daniel’s Chapter // Ashtray Archaeology Fiend’s Chapter

Pretty similar to the rest of the fiends man. It’s like, one day every week, at the end of each week, I get to de-stress and forget about everything that’s going on in that week. And sometimes, it’s also okay for me to tell you guys what’s been going on in the week you know. Whether it’s bugging me or just something in general I want to share. You can have the shittiest week, but at least you know you’ve got this going on. You’ve got your Fridays to look forward to. It’s nice because once I get here, I can just sit down, be carefree and have a good time you know. No problems or anything for a night.

Nah that’s sick. I get it. Like when Dom described it as a sanctuary, you get to just chill and unwind. You realise that the whole week is over and you’ve got nothing else to do besides whatever you want for yourself.

Yeah, just completely relaxed and chill. Really simple, short and sweet. That’s what Fiend Fridays means to me.

Nah that’s nice, that’s really cool. I’m pretty much on the same wavelength. That’s how I’d define it too and it’s really great to see all you fiends are on the same page as well on how you perceive Fiend Fridays. The way I push it out, the way I define it when others ask me what it is.

I always answer the same way. You probably have a different name for it, but Fiend Fridays is really, in its simplest form, is where all my mates come over to my place to catch up, get smashed and have a laugh. Every Friday.

You probably have a different name for it. Every squad, every group, whatever yours is called. Ours is Fiend Fridays and we decided to create a brand out of it and around the culture of it.

And it’s awesome because we do make it. Every Friday, that’s the plan.

Yeah exactly. All the fiends can have a think and realise like, ‘oh yeah, I do meet up at this guy’s house every Friday. I’m a fiend.’

Pictured: Daniel aka Ashtray Archaeology Fiend creating his doppelgänger Mii in Wii Sports at Ed’s Pergola, 2019.

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