How did you acquire the concept of Fiend Fridays?

Ed’s Chapter // Culprit Dragon Fiend’s Chapter


Fiend Fridays actually started quite a long time ago. For me, it was never actually called Fiend Fridays back in the day. It was just called Pulutans. In Tagalog or Filipino, Pulutan was just a word used to describe a group of family and friends around a table picking up different foods and telling stories. And it was a thing that I kind of grew up with. My dad regularly had friends and family over at the house for exactly that. Pulutans. There would be a party at the house, and at the centre of it all, my dad and uncles would just be sitting down eating different food on the table, drinking their Coronas and Double Blacks, telling stories and just having a laugh.

That’s what their Pulutans were. I guess you could say that’s where I drew the core of the idea from. Because that’s what Fiend Fridays is to me now.

That all started with my dad and his very inviting nature. I became accustomed with wanting to having friends and family over, hosting for them and having a good time with them. My older brother did the same. I watched him have his friends over for pulutans. Parties at the house over the weekend. And then eventually, I’d start having my parties at the house in 2011 during Year 11. Funnily enough, those parties every two to three weeks actually became known as Pulutans. Everyone attending would come up to me at some point during school and give me chip ins of $20 so I can go off and buy some alcohol for the party at mine later that night.

Then we got older, and that constant as you can tell hasn’t really changed. We do Fiend Fridays now. That’s just what it has evolved to. So the whole concept of FF actually started a long time ago.

And the name Fiend Fridays, how did that come about?

The name Fiend Fridays actually came from Dom. One of our very own fiends. One of the originals actually. During a night of fiending in 2016, we got real smashed and had a lot of fun. This was during the early days when it was just me and Dom, and sometimes Aljohn would come by too. We had such a crazy night that the following day, Dom messaged me asking how I was feeling. We chatted for a little bit and he ended up talking about how crazy the night was and how I was, and I quote, “a fucking Fiend.” We threw that name at each other back and forth, fighting with a flurry of “no you’s”.

Literally through that, the name, Fiend just stuck. From there, little by little, one by one, every other member started rocking up every Friday. It just naturally became a thing. Edmond, Nathan, Daniel, Mon, CJ. A bunch of us now, and I like to think we’re still growing. But yeah, that’s where the name, Fiend Fridays came from.

Nice, I like that. That’s a really good answer.

Pictured: Ed aka Culprit Dragon Fiend longboarding while hungover, just outside Fiend HQ aka his house.

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