How passionate are you about Fiend Fridays? Like, is this something that would consume you?

Ed’s Chapter // Culprit Dragon Fiend’s Chapter


It already has man. This is my dream. I’ve always just wanted to create shit you know.

Was it always apparel? How did you come to the idea of pushing out clothing over anything else?

I never thought designing and pushing out apparel was even possible until Albin [Lawang] came to me with the idea. He first came to me with the idea for Quila in 2017. Literally, he just straight up asked me, “bro, we should start a clothing brand.” And as you probably are aware, 2017 was the year I said yes to everything. Before then, I was always the type to have second thoughts about a lot of things, new experiences brought upon constant hesitation for me. But in 2017, I just thought fuck it and said yes to everything. This was the year I got my first ever tattoo. My first small tattoo, my first big tattoo. And you know me, I hated needles, straight up phobia. Now I’m addicted to tattoos. This was the year I got my first fresh fade. Completely changed my entire look, I mean, I had been shaving my head clean since 2010. This was the year I started a business. A fucking business, something I knew nothing about. All these things that I did, that I would usually be hit with an oh shit moment and run away from, instead, I dove in head first. So when Albin came to me with the proposition to start a clothing business together, I immediately said yes. So yeah, I never knew I wanted to start an apparel business until Albin made it apparent to me that it was possible. If you’re reading this Albin, thank you.

What happened with Quila? Why didn’t it pull through?

Honestly it took a while to find our feet. Which I think is only natural because it was completely unchartered territory for us. We had seven members. That’s a lot of people in one up and coming small business from the get go. Seven members because we were all so excited. So excited that we went like Oprah you know.

‘You’re a member, you’re a member, everybody’s a member!’

Ah yeah, I remember that.

Yeah, and nothing against any of the members. All of the original Quila members were good friends of mine, and still are. In my opinion, when starting a business, it really just takes the right partner that works for you. Now with Fiend Fridays, Nathan and I have clear delegated tasks that we manage. To top it off, we have the rest of the fiends to advise us you know.

Like a council. A council of fiends!

Exactly, the council of fiends. I like it. When it comes to ideas, concepts and stuff like that.

So how’s that working out for you? In comparison to delegating tasks between seven people, as to now, with only the two of you?

A whole lot better man. There’s more work as it’s just the two of us, but everything is clearer, more linear and aligned you know. Nathan and I have been thrown in the deep end, forced to learn new things that are out of our comfort zone. I had to learn how to make a GIF over night while he’s had to handle the finance side of it all. We’ve built shared trackers to monitor our budgets, set up our accounts, build an e-commerce website, become accustomed to the Adobe Creative Suite programs, you name it man. Not to mention the time and effort required we put in for the marketing, the strategy, the Instagram account, all while continuing to design cool new shit and still maintaining balance across our respective daily lives. It’s busy, but it’s exhilarating man. I feel as though we’ve really progressed far in a short amount of time and I’m excited what we’re going to do next.

What’s your opinion on having Nathan, one of your fellow fiends, as your business partner? How has it been so far?

He’s been great. Exactly what I need in a business partner. When it comes to ideas and real decisions we need to make for the business, he’s not the world’s biggest critic, but in the same sense he’s not a Yes Man. We’re able to meet in the middle, take a step back and refine our ideas with the right kind of constructive feedback for the pure purpose of making ideas and concepts better. As a partner, I need someone that can say no to me without it being awkward, and vice versa.

Pictured: Behind the scenes with Ed & Nathan, aka Culprit Dragon Fiend & Sun God Apollo Fiend, standing atop an old microwave during the first official content product shoot for FF, June 2019.

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