The last member of the original fiends was asked the same question, among others.

What does Fiend Fridays mean to you?

Nathan’s Chapter // Sun God Apollo Fiend

For me, as cheesy as it sounds, Fiend Fridays is a family. Yes it’s the boys getting together on a Friday night. Yes it’s something to look forward to every week. But at the end of the day, it’s a family. Fiend Fridays is you, Fiend Fridays is me. It’s Dom, it’s Daniel. Edmond, Aljohn. While Fiend Fridays is us hanging out in your pergola, I think it’s more than that. We’ve been on road trips to Rye together, we’ve been overseas together.

From what Fiend Fridays used to be, to what it is now [a business], what do you think about the evolution of it?

I think it’s great. Fiend Fridays as a business, I feel is a very natural progression for us. Especially with previous attempts at starting a business in the past, I feel as though Fiend Fridays was the one that came the most natural. For the others, we spent time and effort trying to come up with things like the name, questions that stumped us for hours like, what should we call it, or what should we do. I think this time around, with Fiend Fridays, we didn’t really have to think about it. It just came very naturally. We knew what Fiend Fridays was, and we knew what we wanted to do with it instantly. It wasn’t forced or anything.

Can you elaborate a little bit more on what you mean when you say ‘naturally’? Because I find that very interesting.

Well, to contrast it against something else, I think with previous attempts, ‘PLS’ for example. It took us awhile just to come up with the name. While it was a really exciting time, when comparing it to FF now, everything feels more fluid, and simpler now you know. Like, Fiend Fridays? Yep, that’s a great idea.

Yeah I hear you, because in my opinion, while PLS was a great idea… what I think it was really missing was a story? Like a story behind the brand itself.

Definitely. That’s it.

It was less human. It was more focused on making a business rather than creating a culture. But in saying that, I think it draws back to the fact that we were still finding our feet in a very unfamiliar scene. Do you think Fiend Fridays has achieved in this goal of creating a culture?

I still think we have a long way to go. We’ve only just started though, and I think we’re going to accomplish a whole lot with this. That’s the good thing about Fiend Fridays, it already has an existing culture behind it and we’re essentially building on it.

Where do you want to see Fiend Fridays go?

I want to see it go as far as we can take it, honestly. FF is a great side hustle for us, you learn a lot from it, keeps you busy, keeps you focused. But if we could see this transform from a side hustle to our main source of business, that would be amazing.

In comparison to our previous attempts at starting a business where we had multiple members, as opposed to now, where it’s you and I running the show [along with our other fiends to advise us], how do you feel about the delegation of tasks?

Same as FF as a business coming naturally, I feel as though the delegation of tasks have come naturally as well. You and I both have our own strengths, and we play on those respective strengths and support on the parts we lack. I may be good at one aspect of the business, so I’ll take the lead on that. You’ll be good at another aspect, so you’ll take the lead on that. But it doesn’t seem separated, because it all comes together and makes the work feel cohesive you know.

Do you feel comfortable not needing any titles? Such as Head Of Social, Head Of Marketing and so on?

Our definitions are just a label you know. We both know each other’s strengths, we both know what we can do. What we can learn off each other. I really think that, yes, Quila and PLS didn’t quite take off how we originally anticipated but in saying that, I think that both were important. Both were necessary leading up to FF because through each, we learnt what we both look for in a business partner, we learnt how to listen, digest and respond to other people’s opinions. We sort of get an idea of how to work around it all and come to agreements that everyone’s satisfied with.

Have you always wanted to start a business? If so, was apparel always in mind?

Ever since I was a kid, I had always wanted to be my own boss, run my own show you know. What that business would look like however, was never really defined for me. I’ve just always known that it would be great if I can be my own boss.

You’ve been coming to Fiend Fridays for awhile, back when it was an activity, a weekly event. Did it ever come to mind that it was a potential business waiting to be created?

To be honest, no, it didn’t come to mind at all. I mean, I did have the idea of working with you guys, I just didn’t know what yet. It probably started around the time of your 24th birthday in July 2017 when we went away to Rye. We made those first set of hoodies, the Original FF hoodies. After I saw the positive reception those hoodies received, I thought, hey we can totally work together to create something awesome.

I’m glad you mentioned the members’ hoodies. As you know, we create a set of clothing twice a year customised specifically for the fiends. Once in Winter, once in Summer. How do you feel about that being our tradition while also pushing out commercial products to the public?

I think it’s great that these two entities live in the same space. It’s a great way to keep everyone involved and excited about the brand. At the end of the day, we’re sharing the culture with everyone you know. Also, our fiends, they advise us with everything. Content. Strategy. Opinions on new designs. So when we create each member clothing, we receive feedback on how to refine not only the current design but future designs that we would share commercially. So it helps in both entities really. Yeah, it keeps everyone involved, keeps everyone engaged, and it keeps up the camaraderie.

Okay, last question. I’ve saved the best til last.

What makes a fiend?

What makes a fiend? Woah, I wasn’t prepared for that one. I think, at this point, the word fiend can be applied to a lot of different things you know. My thought behind it is, everyone out there has their own group of fiends. They don’t necessarily meet up every Friday, they also don’t necessarily do the same things we do. Being a fiend isn’t restricted to meeting up at a house every single Friday night. For us, it is getting together at a house on Friday nights. But for others, it could be going out clubbing. Or eating. Or going out to drift. It’s like, a family you know. And the great thing about it is, it’s not even just the six of us. It’s also extended to our other mates, like Mon, CJ, Albin, Dye, Mel, the whole lot you know. All of them. So yeah, Fiends can be interpreted across any other group of mates. The only difference is, that they just have a different name for it. But that same culture of wanting to have a good chill time is there.

Pictured: Nathan (aka Sun God Apollo Fiend), Dom (aka Dark Magician Fiend), Ed (aka Culprit Dragon Fiend) & Edmond (aka Sassy Nek-Nek Fiend) during an FF content shoot featuring Nathan’s BDE-infused bright loud orange FJ Cruiser.

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